Imperial Trellis? Yes Please.

Remember when I told you my current favorite wallpaper The classic Imperial Trellis inspired by Kelly Wearstler)? Did I mention has fabrics too? It might be even better than the wallpaper... and apparently F. Schumacher agrees with me since it's priced at $120/yd. Yikes!

Trellis fabric

Since I've been on a 'pillow find' kick I thought I'd give it a whirl
I was cruising around etsy and typed in "imperial trellis" and Voila! The find of the week!!! 
$65 kelly wearstler pillow !!!!! 

*I don't want to false advertise- it does have a solid back but that won't stop me from ordering two for myself :)

Want it in orange?

How about chocolate brown?

Or navy?

Or yellow?
Not interested in the pillows? How about clipboards?

If you are wanting a more finished look I also found this one from another seller for $125- the difference being that the back is done and it has a welt instead of a knife edge.

This seller also sells this pillow that I found intriguing...

Consider this day like Oprah's Favorite Things- 
I take that back. I can't throw free pillows into the crowd or hand out refrigerators with LCD screens, in addition to keys to your new car and a lifetime supply of scented candles and self-help books...

But a good day nonetheless.

Happy Wednesday!