Project Maverick

I thought it would be a fun idea to share a small project with you. From start to finish! I am working on a small cabin for a client in Alabama. They are wanting a 700(ish) sq. ft. bungalow on their property located on a quaint, lake-side road called Maverick Drive. 
So, to keep it anonymous we will call it: Project Maverick. Sounds top secret anyway so it works out great.

Currently, we are in Phase I:

We.have. Property. 
Plans in Progress.

You can't tell from the photos but the view from this lot is SO great. It overlooks a very private sector of the lake that is peaceful and charming.

Lake lot

Lake lot2
There is a fairly steep incline that leads down towards the lake- and the view is incredible. It immediately reminded me of the cabin Hoyt and I stayed the first few nights of our honeymoon....The best part about it was the screened porch. I would try to explain it but I'll just let you see for yourself:
Table rock 2
Honeymoon 011
It was designed in a way that made you feel like you were floating atop the Blue Ridge Mountains.
(Go to their website to book a weekend getaway! It's amazing.)

So, with this in mind*- I started searching for more inspiration:
*similar concept designed by Bobby Mcalpine
The Kitchen:
I want little to no upper cabinets- so we can take advantage of the view while you stand and wash your dishes. 
Like this picture:

I cannot remember where I found this picture- it's saved in a misc. folder. Sorry! If you recognize it from somewhere please let me know so I can give it the proper credit.
Bobby mc
Or this one (another cabin by Bobby Mcalpine): LOVE this kitchen layout!! 

Outdoor-screen-porch-nancy braithwaite
A screened porch by Nancy Braithwaite- Lovin' this cozy look, and that light fixture!

Okay, so here is the floorplan I've come up with so far:

*I am not a certified architect so if you are a builder or an electrician or any of the above- you might immediately find things that are structurally not possible. In fact, you probably will. I'm just here to give ideas... 

Floorplan 1069
Floorplan 1070

I'm sure this will be tweaked and moved around some but atleast you get the idea of what we're after. I like the openness of this floorplan and the areas that really show off the view. 
I sketched up some exterior ideas but they might not really line up with this latest floorplan.... Oh well, I'll share anyway:

Maverick is going to be cute, huh?

Oh, I'm sorry- (clear throat/deep voice) Maverick is going to be handsome.

Stay tuned for monthly updates on the project! And please feel free to share your opinions or ideas with me- I'd love your help.
Roger that? Over and out.