Pillow Find

Several people commented or said something to me about the Madeline Weinrib pillows I picked out for the hypothetical Seaside Room:

Madeline weinrib Mor

Yeah, I don't blame you. I love her pillows~! They cost about $300 a pop so I thought I'd give you guys some less expensive options- less $$ from our nestegg! (Husbands, you can thank me later.)

Yhst-6312588961719_2054_710005 Ikat
click here to buy from fabricadabra, $40 for the pillow cover.
Price? On sale for $57.00

Or how about some nice slippers to match?
TTN: I'm kidding.

These two choices below are different colors but have the same feel:

$115 from Bourke Decor, here.

$20.00 from west elm- what a find!

Last But Least $

This pillow is (drum roll please).... only $19 ??!!! 
And probably the best match I could find.

See what you get when you post a comment?? :)


p.s. I by no means am saying that these are better versions of Madeline Weinrib's pillows- she is the cream of the crop! And I will spec them to any client who can afford them! But for now, you can set up a lemonade stand and get a pillow that resembles it.