Mirror, Mirror on the Floor

A few days ago I get my daily Restoration Hardware email that I usually delete upon arrival. (Yet another sale or THE LAST DAY to order outdoor furniture, and so on and so on...) But on this particular day I decided to click on the email to see what they had to say. And this little beauty popped up...
Entablature mirror 3290
The new Entablature Mirror- I melted...
And then---- I saw the price.
whopping $3,290.00 ???? Seriously Restoration Hardware? 
So, being your trusty {nest egg} investigator, I searched for something similar with a better price tag on it:


Ebay  for $785, free shipping** (which is fantastic when you're talking about big mirrors)
Rustic elm floor mirror pb 599
Rustic Floor Mirror,$699 Pottery Barn

I found some that were not floor mirrors but they have that same architectural feel to them:
Floral mirror wisteria 719
Wisteria- she's on sale for $519
Trumeau mirror vagabond
Vagabond  Trumeau Mirror- $200  She's pretty... contact me if you are interested in this piece- or find the nearest dealer 

Oeil de bouef mirror wisteria
Wisteria- on sale for $299, right here.
Wooden door mirror pb 199
Architectural Door Mirror- on sale for $199 at Pottery Barn!
That, my friends, is a good deal.

Last But Least $

This old house
Or if you're feeling craftsy- make one yourself! This Old House has step-by-step instructions on how to make a new mirror out of old door trim. Very cool.