Life of an Art Collector

This is another one of my favorite houses- that one could find in my "If I Never Have Kids" folder. Part of me would love an all white, 'no fuss' house- and the other part of me thinks knows I can't live without some color! 

Either way, this house is so tailored and beautiful. It was published in Veranda forever ago (I can't find the date) but the designer is Nancy Braithwaite. Apparently the homeowner is an art collector (sign me up!) who wanted her house to be a blank canvas made to showcase the art

White house V 039

Who knew a daybed could look so great??

TTN: chairs in the foreground (I think I know what they are but I could be wrong): I love these chairs. They are the slipcovered low back chairs from Lee Industries...They have a higher back one but something about this short one just does it for me. She's like the little runt of the litter. And they seriously are comfortable. No lie.

LeechairsLeechair5204okay the tall one is cool too.

White house V 041

That polka dotted pillow.... Okay, so now I have a new found love for:


-polka dots

Moving right along...

White dining room

*two separate pictures from the magazine- so if it looks weird on your computer, my bad.

Talk about a mix of old and new. I love this picture. I want to enlarge it and put it on a billboard that reads JUST DO IT

As in...

Mix your grandmother's hand-me-down furniture with something modern, something retro, something traditional... whatever you want. If done in moderation, it has the potential to look amazing. (as seen above)

Another to add to the list:


-polka dots

-giant wire structures that look like organs

For all of you out there who want an 'all white' bedroom- check out these two:

White house V 040

White house V 042

*p.s. Is that a Miro piece above this bed? Wow, she wasn't kidding when she said 'art collector'

This might seem weird but I have seriously looked at the two pictures above over 100 times over the past several years. (Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating.) I'm looking at the beds. I like both of them because they have a calming, heavenly feel to them.. but at the same time they are very different. 

#1 is relaxed, fluffy, casual but elegant

While #2 is more tailored, sophisticated, no nonsense, you can almost tell that there is no bedskirt (or dirty clothes and missing earrings underneath)

And to this day I can't decide which one I like more. {Although, right now I'm leaning towards #1- it looks more comfortable}


A good mix veranda036

Once again: A good mix.

But I'm just not ready to add "zebra skin" to my new-found-love list. If it was faux, perhaps. But for me, they are much too pretty to step on.

White house kitchen064

In the article the client says:

"I like the tension between the gutsiness of the art and the serenity of the apartment. I think they're a nice foil for each other." 

OTTN: They are.

TTN: Did she just say Apartment???!