Speaking of Faves...

The first time I saw this article in House Beautiful (several years ago), I immediately tore it out and put it in a separate folder from the rest of my 'tear outs'... It has been sitting in an exclusive section of my extremely disorganized file-folders called "Favorite Houses."
 I think it might be the color scheme... it is natural, blue/green, inviting, earthy... I just LOVE it!! But what else can I expect coming from architect/designer Bobby Mcalpine?? His work is unreal.

One of his interior designers, Susan Ferrier, was the designer for the house. All I can say is: You go girl.

Enjoy the pictures...


TTN: This room would not be the same without that throw blanket. Perfect example of the importance of accessories. 
*Also- curious about these floors, walls and ceilings?
They are pecky cypress ceilings/clear cypress walls and floors: stained dark,washed over with a lighter lichen color, and finished with another blue wash- creating an unique ancient look!

LISA CREGAN: I covet this house. How do you create something from brick and mortar that tugs so hard on the heartstrings?

BOBBY McALPINE: I think a lot of good architecture is like that. Remember that beautiful scene in the movie Out of Africa â€” the lions lying on the grave, wrapped in their own thoughts, unaware of being seen? I wanted this house to be that way. An approaching figure gets a glimpse of the composition, unwatched. It's like a little Episcopalian church in England — there's no front door, you enter from the side so you can enter unwatched. It implies a broad invitation.

The powder room... I'm not even kidding. If I was a guest in this house I would find excuses to go wash my hands: "Will you look at that! I found another speck of dirt under my fingernails! Please excuse me while I go wash up." 
TTN: Ann Sacks tiles, Peacock Paver floors. 

TTN: Wall of pictures actually goes behind the bed- nice detail.
Wall Color: Sag Harbor Gray, Benjamin Moore
Oh yeah, and: a spotless bedside table with a perfect arrangement of flowers and a water glass? In my dreams.
FIG tree branches... where can I get these??
Kitchen Cabinet color: Danville Tan, Benjamin Moore. 
TTN: The kitchen islands (oh yes, you need two) are so tastefully designed. Nothing too overdone- no frilly brackets or ornate door styles- simple and handsome.
OTTN: mismatched chairs that go together=Talent.
TTN:  they hung some artwork in between the windows- love that.
This swing: I daydream about
My birthday:June 24th

And your inspiration for that perfect, simple swing?

Bobby Mcalpine: I like to take something that's almost Puritan and do something sexy with it, breaking all the rules. The swing is on a walkway between two gardens, and those gardens really were the point of this whole thing. Every magical place and good house has an offering, something so clear that it's forever memorable. This house's lesson is that there is a beautiful life to be had, and that a beautiful life is, in fact...simple.