But What About ME?

This month's House Beautiful issue had an entire article titled "Everybody's Favorite Everything!" and it went through a list of designer's favorites! I just loved the article so much I decided that I wanted to share MY favorite everythings. Because I'm just so fabulous (and everything)

<using the same topics they used>

The appearance of dahlias and the smell of gardenias
(images from flickr)

Any glass or ceramic lamp.. Obviously you can find these anywhere but if you are looking for a classic:


are handmade, ceramic and beautiful. Since they are expensive just use his shapes, colors, etc. to help you pick out the perfect knockoff.

Lightbulb/Wattage: Soft 60W or pink lightbulbs! Or better yet:all in one!

I've searched high and low and have found that these sheets are the best out there. Belle Epoque And they just keep getting better and better after each wash!

Click here to get some- it's the only place I could find that sells them on the internet.... or just contact me and I'll hook you up!

The Dyson Slim


 for those of us who can't handle the bulky, heavy ones (like me!)- this one is perfect.
Coffee Table Book
House of worship
I'm in love with this book for the following reasons:
1. It is where Hoyt and I got married (Linville, North Carolina) and where he asked me to marry him (right under that adorable front porch)
Engaged!! 012
2. It is where I grew up every summer (not actually inside the church, but all around it)
3. It has many other gorgeous churches inside these pages
4. Inside this particular church there hangs a sign that I love. I think it represents the beauty of churches everywhere, and the beauty of this book.
Engaged!! 0ss15
Click here to order.

Tazo Chai Tea
Tazo chair

Artist (from any time period?) (Sure.)
(i'm asking and answering my own questions here- I really need to get out more.)

This is a tough one but I have always loved Piet Mondrian's early works:
Piet mondrian

Piet mondrian red tree
Piet mondrian 1
Piet mondrian mill
Click here to order. 
(ha, just kidding. I wish.)

All Purpose Glass
Heath ceramics
-recycled glassware from wine bottles!! Go green.

Comfort Food

fish and grits (can you tell I'm from the South?)
Last resort salmon and grits
This is a picture of one of my favorite dishes from Last Resort in Athens, GA. My mouth is watering as we speak... or as I type.

As I read through all of the designers favorite toothpastes I came to the conclusion that I am very sheltered (or just a misinformed commoner) in the dental hygiene department. Some of the answers to this question were: Elgydium, Marvis Jasmin Mint, Tom's of Maine, etc.
Whatever happened to Aquafresh or Crest? I use Crest but switch it up frequently.

I guess it's about time I give credit to the sofa behind my"nest egg" banner. This particular sofa is from Hickory Chair- called the Elinor sofa. 
Emory sofa hickory chair
Representing the "transitional design" that I like. Simple lines, classic look, fresh style...I wouldn't call it my favorite sofa, but I do love it.

Tough call... I always keep going back to Schumacher's Imperial Trellis inspired by Kelly Wearstler-
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Chloe sevigny apartment house and garden


Sevigny's entry hall from House and Garden article... mixed with those floors- and the bold sconces... And she even has a matching bike! What an overachiever! 

(Whatever, you're just jealous.)

(That I am.)


(Happy Tuesday!)