Sit. Stay.

We don't have a dog because we currently don't have a yard. Apparently these two things go hand in hand. (The picture below isn't helping much either) But don't worry- I have grown quite accustomed to waiting. I used to glue my face to the car window on road trips praying that a box of puppies would just happen to be sitting on the side of the road- awaiting my glorious rescue. But alas, I only got a handful of horrific road-kill mental pictures that are still engrained in my head. With the occasional box turtle. (sigh) One day my time will come. And in the mean time I will wait patiently,force my cat to do things only dogs do, and remind Hoyt every day that we don't have a dog and I want one. 

Which brings up my post for the day: Stray Dog Designs

Stray Dog Designs  is one of those companies that is after my own heart. Because of the following reasons:

1. The front of the catalog:

2. Based on this past week I kind of know how that dog feels (and am tempted to steal their logo with the subtext: Throw me a frickin' bone!!):

3. (and most importantly) Their wonderful motto: *please double-click on the picture and read- you won't regret it.
AMEN Dogma Friend!

4. They are environmentally friendly!!! Their paper mache products are not only hand-crafted, but they are green

5. They donate to organizations that work toward making all of our lives better. (Go to their website for more details!)

6. They make sure their artisans and workers earn a fair living wage to support their families.

7. And it all started with a blog, i mean DOG. (See Hoyt? Dog first.)

8. They have adorable lamps that come in all sorts of fun colors:

A lot of the lamps were in this years HGTV Green Home:
And their artichoke lamp was in House Beautiful's "The Best!" section:

9. And their stools/furniture are just as fabulous:



10. They have a sense of humor! (you know I love that)

jellyfish pendant... in case you were wondering.
"What did you give your mom for mother's day?"
"Oh.. nothing big this year. Just a giant, lime-green, paper-mache, PRAYING praying mantis... You?"

And my personal favorite is another image I found while flipping through their catalog:
Why not?

I love a good laugh during the workday. Must be part of that dogma thing they were talking about:
Sit. Stay. Wear a parrot head and pretendto read.

11. After a good laugh, I put down my Stray Dog catalog and immediately go to (a local rescue agency right down the street from me in Nashville.. I check it often. I don't know why I put myself through this torture but oh well- suffer with me?)

Today they have this little guy.. named Vegas.

Forget the blog... I'm goin' to Vegas.