So, yesterday I found out that Earth Day is coming up: April 22nd! We have some time to gear up for it so I thought I would share a video with you. A friend sent me this link a while back and I was hesitant to waste 20 minutes of my day for a stick-figure movie (not to mention my lack of attention span for anything black-and-white). But 15 minutes later I was totally engrossed in the "Story of Stuff" and have been changed ever since. I'm not even going to give you a preview, just promise me that you'll find 20 minutes out of one day this week and watch it. Some of you have probably seen this a thousand times but for those of you who haven't- prepare to be changed.
Introducing Annie Leonard's The Story of Stuff...

To find out more information on how you can get involved visit the website: Story of Stuff

P.s. I do realize that I just posted an entire section on "STUFF" you can get at Target- so if anyone is preaching to the choir it's ME. 
I can't tell you that I'm not going to post great deals  on 'stuff' anymore but I will try my best to include more posts about ways that we can help our environment... Especially in the home! It's all about taking baby steps. And it's not always about what you buy, it's about what you do with it afterwards. 

One foot in front of the other...