Let There Be White: Kitchens.

Love it or Hate it??

Please cast your votes for your favorite 'white kitchen'!! While you peruse through some of my favorite white kitchens please take a minute to notice how each kitchen has unique elements to set itself apart. Okay fine, I'll do it for you. Jeeeez, do I have to do everything around here?? :)

TTN: Things To Note

OTTN: Obvious Things to Note


Carl Daquino elle decor

TTN: blue tile, chairs, light fixture (so cool! although I can't really see it)

Designer Carl D'Aquino, image from Metropolitan Home


Thad hayes white

TTN: old white appliances, stools, light fixture= all have same feel; glass cabinets and hardware placement (a little odd but i like it)

OTTN: 2 pineapples seen canoodling on the island

Designer Thad Hayes, image in Southern Accents


Susan tully house b2

TTN: black countertops and hardware, tall tile backsplash, killer stove

Designer Susan Tully, image in House Beautiful


Susan ferrier houseb

TTN: Bongo stools, brackets supporting island overhang, great artwork in the kitchen to pull together black accents

Designer Susan Ferrier, image in House Beautiful


TTN: This look will never get old; classy, simple, lime green accents, farmhouse sink and bead-board backsplash- cool faucet too
Image from Better Home and Gardens

Nathan egan
TTN: black island, pot rack, oooo pot rack with light fixtures hidden beneath (look veeeeddy veddy closely)
Designer Nathan Egan, image from decorpad.com

OTTN: modern much?
TTN: amazing view, frosted? glass partition wall, not one crumb in sight (moms, keep moving- never gonna happen..)
Image from Architectural Digest


Elledecor 2008
TTN: I spy Lemon!, lucite barstools, punch of color in the roman shade, marble backsplash tiles
OTTN: adorable girl quietly doing her homework in a super clean setting (Once again Moms, keep moving..)
image from elle decor 2008

Hague637style files
TTN: open shelving, creative cabinets with cut out pulls, concrete (?) countertops.. anyway, something soothing and gray
image from style files

Urban grace kitchen
TTN:light blue painted island, open shelving with stainless (unique!) brackets, glass blue pulls, "pretty clutter," well done!
OTTN: I spy lemons
Designer Urban Grace Interiors, image from her blog

TTN: great use of space while allowing entire wall of windows to be 'cabinet free', light fixture above sink, and honey do melon!- nothing else really... it just looks so calming I want to crawl into the picture and sit at the island while someone makes me chicken noodle soup. Anyone want to join? (We don't have to have chicken noodle-)

Jodi caden elle decor 
TTN: different refrigerator, bridge faucet, neat light fixture, black countertops around perimeter, marble on island 
image from elledecor

Kitchen chicago martha
This is Martha Stewart's kitchen in her Chicago apartment.
TTN: I like the built-in refrigerator panels, wine bottle storage, and the funky light fixture to mix things up a bit

Kitchen manhattan martha
oh, and her manhattan apartment as well.. (sigh) must be nice. This is really different- but I like it.
TTN: Very kid friendly! (moms,we're back in business!)- minus the ladder on casters.. eek, that's a trainwreck waiting to happen; different colored chairs (you know martha painted them herself), white washed floors, tall,open shelving with anything from books to tea kettles.
both images from martha stewart living 

Kitchen mary evelyn
This is a Mary Evelyn design as well. Actually, it used to be hers! 
TTN: slipcovered chairs around an antique table, backsplash tile is not your usual shape (love it), simple hood design, didn't try to 'over design' the kitchen
Designer Mary Evelyn McKee, image from Southern Accents

Kitchen southern accents suzanne kasler
I know this kitchen has been over posted, but I LOVE it. It makes me happy. 
OTTN: I spy lemons. baby blue tile
TTN: grass shades, matching stools (just the right amount of "matchy"- anything else blue and it would be too much), love the long hardware pulls, and the cooktop knobs- white!? who knew.
Designer Suzanne Kasler, image from southern accents

Kitchen white SA
TTN: black and white floors, tall french doors and windows, skinny island with great faucet,
OTTN: honey-do melon again?... Gotcha! (same kitchen as #11:)
image from southern accents

Southern accents
TTN: open shelving, backsplash tile goes almost to ceiling!, amber accents, look great with brass hardware
OTTN: They must not have kids, or even live there for that matter. 
image from southern accents

Cast your votes! #1-18! You can pick more than one (if you're feeling extra inspired!) or you can shoot them all down. 

TTN: Click on "Comments" below and scroll to end of this post to enter your comment. I'm interested to see which ones are chosen as Faves....

OTTN: These might make a dent in your nest egg, but I just couldn't help myself. Maybe when I have a 'kitchen winner' I will help you piece it together with less expensive materials... just a thought. .. actually, this whole blog is a bunch of thoughts. So I guess it's more like a thought within a giant web of thoughts. A sub-thought. Is anyone still reading this?? If you are, Go Vote. (and sorry for rambling)


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