The Target Train

Target dog

Who doesn't love Target? Or, as the design world likes to call it: Tar-jay. They came up with a genius campaign called "Design for All" where they bring high end designers all under one roof with affordable, stylish products for the masses. 

It's creative, relevant, and now I sound like an American Idol judge. 

The "Design for All" slogan reads: Great Designers. For Everyday. For Everyone. 

I get the "for everyday, for everyone" part- (mainly because I'm there almost everyday and run into everyone I know in town) But the "Great Designer" part is what I want to focus on. I want to tell you about these designers that have jumped on the Target train....So that you too can appreciate the latest home section of Target. 

Because, let me tell you- these designers are LEGIT!

First stop:

 Thomas O'Brien

Oh, Thomas... Recognized for his trademark style of "warm modernism" he has truly done it all in the field of design. Thomas O'Brien deserves an entire post of his own so I'll save his HUGE portfolio for future nesteggers (Hmmm.. I realize I just named my own audience). Who am I kidding? Hey Mom :)

Thomas obrien
House and Garden did a feature on Thomas and his own home... I always notice that he does a great job of mixing feminine and masculine styles.
Thomas O'Brien has a line of furniture through Hickory Chair... (A few images below but you should check out his full line- there are some seriously great pieces with his name on it.)

Thomas obrien hickory chair

Hickory Chair ad

Thomas obrien furniture

another Hickory Chair ad 

Oh, and let's not forget his 'lighting' line through Visual Comfort:
Feminine/Masculine, Vintage/Modern

Anyway, point of the drooling is:
This talented designer also carries a line at Target! Guess what it's called? Vintage Modern.
Target ad thomas
(alert dog not included)
Thomas obrien bookcase
great Target bookcase, has the "Thomas" look but half the price: here you go.
You could even paint them white* for a fresher, more modern look: 
Design within reach shelves

(this picture above is from design within reach back in 2007- These particular bookcases were for sale for $2400!!...) I hate to say it but: Suckers!!!

Thomas obrien bench
TOB upholstered ottoman... very sleek. Could be used in any room.

Tob towels
He also has really great towels at Target. Seriously, they're good

Seriously am I talking about towels on my blog? 
<Train derailed.>
Rachel Ashwell
interior designer and entrepeneuer- 
Calling all shabby chic'ers!! 

Shabby chic bed
picture from Shabby chic

I like her. Because not only does she advertise the 'all white' bed, but she promotes an unmade bed! My friend Katie would say this would directly result in a bad day (see post "I.Heart.Home")

Rachel ashwell shabby kitchen
Oprah did a special on Rachel- and snagged a few pictures of her Malibu rental home- which I directly snagged from Oprah. (it felt good to take something from Oprah, almost like she wanted to give it to me anyway)
Anyway- the kitchen: ofcourse it's precious, chic and all white! 
So Rachel Ashwell took her creative little ideas and hopped on board the Tarjay train- and now we can ALL enjoy a dose of shabby chic in our homes:

Shabby chic stool
Isn't she sweet?

Shabby chic linen bedskirt

A neutral, linen* bedskirt- for only $24.99! 
Her bedding collection is really cute (especially for little girls rooms) but the pictures on the website aren't great- so go check it out yourself. 

Next Stop: Products.

I am totally the girl who buys things based on how the packaging looks. For example:
Martha dish  VS Dawn
Martha vs Dawn
Measuring spoons VS  Measuring spoons 2

Michael Graves from Target vs Sams Club

I'm a sucker for product design, I judge a book by it's cover, all of it. I'm terrible.
You should see me at a wine store... it's bad. My utilitarian husband is not quite fond of this 'habit' of mine:
"Babe, why did you get this bottle?"-Hoyt
"Because....Because of the pretty font, and the cool line drawing. in. the.. background...."-me

This guy is my weakness:

Michael Graves
Another one of those guys that has 'done it all.' Architect, Interior Designer, Product Designer, Entrepreneur, the list goes on... (Seriously, how do these people do it? Do they ever sleep?) 
I'm sure you've seen his practical, simple, classy designs at Target. Michael and Martha- they have got the marketing down to a T. 

Michael graves and hagan kitchen
This is a kitchen he designed with Victoria Hagan (see above)... look closely on the cooktop and you'll see his own tea kettle design:
(And I'm sure he's got those great' measuring spoons in there somewhere!!)

Michael graves teapotToaster

Check out his other Target products here.

Victoria Hagan
Bring your napkins back out- it's drool time.

Victoria hagan kitchen 

Victoria hagen 1
 Victoria hagan 3
Victoria hagan 4
images from Victoria Hagan's website

Her pictures say it better than I can- she's an incredible interior designer with such an eye for style- FRESH style. Nothing looks outdated, nothing too frilly or boring- it's simple, classy- good mix of antique and modern, much like (our friend) Thomas. Her line at Target is worth going to check out

Hagan bedside    Hagan bedside 2
Side Tables...

Hagan side table  Hagan side table 2
Hagan side table circle  Hagan bins

Hagan pillow
Thanks Victoria for hopping on the Target train! Us (commoners) really appreciate it :)

next stop: Bed time.

Dwell Studio:
I've always loved Dwell Studio products so when I heard they were selling at Target I was thrilled! They mainly feature unique/ stylish nursery bedding and furniture, but have come out with adult bedding as well. (Adult bedding doesn't sound right, does it?) (Mom, you still with me?) 
I'm too tired to link each picture to the Target site (sorry!) but if you click here you can find all the images below in Target stores.

Dwell studio nursery

I love this nursery- And to think it's affordable!... guess I should start making babies before Target decides to drop Dwell.

Grey and yellow target
There's my lemon and charcoal...

Dwell changing table

Changing Table- But it could definitely be a bedside table! (this piece is in the nursery picture above)

Dwell pillow 2
Dwell studio pillow
Some more fun pillows...
Dwell blush circle

"adult" bedding 

Dwell studio rug
-great area rug!

The End
The train ride is over, because the conductor is exhausted from a long day. 
But there are many more great designers in Tarjay stores- from cosmetics to shoes to outdoor tools. The finds* are endless!

So I hope you now have a little background check for your next Target visit. So when you see a Victoria Hagan vase in the clearance aisle, you'll think 'I loved her kitchen. I trust her sense of style. Ring me up, buttercup!'