My Favorite Bathrooms

So.... Spring is among us!! Thank the Lord. The change of seasons always inspires me. But this time (to my surprise) instead of daydreaming about creating my own vegetable garden surrounded by happy hummingbirds- I keep fantasizing about my dream bathroom... ?? I would analyze this for next several paragraphs but I'll spare you. Regardless of my "issue" please enjoy some of my faves:


 Usually my rule of thumb is:  keep it classic in a master bathroom and be bold in a powder room, but this picture bucks my theory. Somehow this mix of industrial/eclectic/daring design comes off as somewhat classy. Bravo. Love the mosaic glass tiles and the pedestal sinks... 

This bathroom just makes me want to take a nap. When designing clients' bathrooms I find myself always going back to this picture... for a little inspiration on what a bathroom should really feel like.

House Beautiful, January 2008

There are no words for this marble...

House Beautiful, June 2008

Why not make a statement in a bathroom? The tall ceilings, light fixture, drapery panels and french doors make this room feel like a continuation of the house.... 
House Beautiful, sometime last year


Elle Decor, January 2008
This is the bathroom of (fabulous) fashion designer Monique Lhuillier. She designed my wedding dress! Maybe that's why I like it so much: simple, clean lines, graceful details, letting the bathroom be a backdrop rather than the main focus. Hmmm.. much like:


Simple, classy, to the point: brush your teeth. And that cute little stool!
Domino magazine, RIP :(
I hesitate to even call this a 'bathroom'... it has the feel of a screened in porch, minus the free standing bathtub. This heavenly room was done by a very talented designer in Birmingham, AL: Mary Evelyn McKee. I worked for her for a while before I moved to Nashville and it was such a great experience. One summer with Mary Evelyn and you walk away with a better understanding of the history of design, a fresh approach to today's design,.. and a picture of a bathroom you can't stop thinking about.
From the cabinetry style to the bathtub faucet---- it's all beautiful. My fave.
Traditional Home, March 2005
(for more on mary evelyn, click here)
Last But Least $
Bathroom ikea
go IKEA! I'm loving this look... click here to piece it together.

Okay, after all this bathroom talk I'm going to go soak in the tub.... maybe that is what God's trying to tell me this spring: Go relax in a bathtub. Take a load off. Spend more time in silence.
And get clean, Girl.