My So Called Blog


After one entire Saturday in my pajamas, I have done the unthinkable: started my own design blog. I do not have any cute kids to show off, or any adventures in a far-off country to document... so this could be a complete train wreck. But what I DO have is this:

  1. a)a wonderful, sweet husband named Hoyt (who is nervous about this ‘blog thing’ taking over my life

  2. b)a cat named Hobbes (we like to refer to him as our orange disaster)

  3. c)a creative mind full of ideas

  4. d)nowhere to put them (until now)

  5. e)a rented apt. in the heart of Nashville

  6. f)a love for simple pleasures

  7. g) faith in God’s wonderful promises

  8. h) an appreciation for photographs (and other forms of documentation)

  9. i)a desire to share my thoughts and inspirations with YOU

So.. here goes nothin’.....

(and no, i’m not STILL in my pajamas)